Tuesday 11 April 2017

early months, january - april // 2017

We finished some renovation projects in January, so we had so much time to just relax in our home, get ready for baby and focus on some hobbies. We went to our very first NHL game which was incredible! I'm sure many of you have been to one before, but I just couldn't get over the amount of people! We don't get out much...to the city that is. It was amazing.

 We finally bought a rug for our living room which really makes it so much more cozy in there! Eventually we will be ridding ourselves of the boy's blue chairs and getting a three seater couch (one day)! We are getting pretty cramped on our little love seat.

Mitch started making homemade wine, beer and cider this year as well, which he has always wanted to do...because he doesn't have enough hobbies already!...gardening, "orchading", biking, renovating this home, hunting (he just got his license), music, baseball and now wine making. I love this man. I love his passions for so many different things in life, which he always seems to be naturally good at. I personally could never make wine...way to complicated for me with all this "specific gravity" nonsense. None the less, super proud of him. I'm sure by the time 2017 is closing there will be something else added to the list.

March and April consisted of spring cleaning for me. I always get to it during these months but I had a very specific list this year as we are prepping for baby. Everything inside our home got done pretty fast, and then I plugged away outside. It's a much bigger job out there as there are a lot of sticks to pick up from the winter, poop and scoop, rake and garden. Other than our vegetable garden, we have six perennial gardens. I was able to weed, "de-rock" and prep them all prior to Adelaide coming. I wanted our home 100% ready. I want to enjoy my time with her without anything hanging over my head, so now that everything is complete we can actually just enjoy her outside and enjoy our property! Mitch is also taking some time off when she arrives and after a few weeks we are so wanting to make a trip to Bradford Greenhouses and do some more planting!

Friday 31 March 2017

before & after // master bedroom

We finally finished our master bedroom! How I have been longing for it to be done! It needed to be completed before the baby arrives as it is one messy job and baby will be with us in our room for a few months. We started this project the same time we started the hall way, in the middle of November 2016. The hallway will be a separate post.
This room used to have a stair case going down behind the kitchen and was originally a maids quarters. How I wish that stair case still existed! We wouldn't have our second bathroom/laundry room though if it did, so that is a plus! 
Our master was originally beige with a drop ceiling and old carpet covering the same original hardwood as the hallway and other bedrooms upstairs. The other bedrooms have all been previously re finished so this was the last on the list. Mitch took down the drop ceiling and installed the drywall ceiling frame, the same weekend we moved out. Our friend Bryan helped him install the dry wall in one night. What a difference a helping hand makes! Our friend Scott came over for a weekend and taped/mudded the ceiling and prepared it to be painted. Once that was complete, Mitch painted the ceiling, window trim, baseboards and pretty much all things white in the room. The following weekend he took out the carpet and subfloor which was one huge job, and re painted the room with a fresh coat of Wickham Grey by Benjamin Moore. Our friend Nick came over and aided Mitch with the crown moulding which was a huge help as we have some crazy vaulted ceilings in there that needed his expertise!
The original floor is now exposed, painted white and clean (ready for a crawling baby!). We also added new curtains, a ceiling medallion and a new fixture which has some major beauty and the beast vibes.